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The currently existing menu items will be briefly presented in the following:

Training Center: In the Training Center, retailers can register their employees for service trainings and also register customers for driver trainings at Amazone. In the corresponding overviews, you will find the service and driver trainings currently offered as well as the respective course contents. In addition, you have the option to view your own training history.

Ticket system: Do you have a problem with an AMAZONE implement? After successful registration, you can open a ticket for this implement here. Around-the-clock!

Machine registration: You can register AMAZONE implements here at any time. Registration is a prerequisite for other services from AMAZONEN-WERKE.

Forms: Under the menu item Forms, you can enter claims (request for a service technician) and request licenses and first uses. Other offers are being prepared.

Account management: You can manage your access data in the account management. An employee responsible for the Amazone portal in your company can manage his/her colleagues and assign individual service offers.